Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wanna request something? Read the rules!

If you want to request, you have to know the following thing:

I work mostly with Adobe Photoshop and Imageready. Since 2003 I work with these programs. Credit me, always!


1. Fill in the form fully and correct.
2. If it's not good enough, please tell.. But I will change it 2 times max.
3. I will design as quickly as I can for you. But I don't work harder if you want it quick.
4. Credit me!
5. It's forbidden to change something at my designs. If you do, you will get a beautiful place at the blacklist!
6. Request 1 thing at a time. (max: 1 header, 1 buttonset, 1 bannerset etc.)
7. I cannot design without pics, so please give (HQ) pics!
8. If you want banners/buttons: don't forget to tell me how big you want them in pixels.
9. Be nice!
10. If you don't use my designs at all, you still have to credit me!
11. If you read the rules you will answer this on the question: Accept? Forget it girl!
12. I do not design for professional websites for free! This blog is for designing experience and make designs (like buttons and banners) for fan/hobby websites).
13. I can decline the application.

Don't forget to fill in the form!

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