Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I made a donation for the fansite for Cinema Bizarre 'We <3 Cinema Bizare'.

Designed by Seraphinne, please credit me (link this site!).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Buttons for the An Cafe Fansite

I made a donation for the fansite for An Cafe, started a couple of days ago: Smile Ichiban ii Onno.

Designed by Seraphinne, please credit me (link this site!).

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wanna request something? Fill in the form!


1. Name/Nickname:
2. For which site is this request?
3. What do you want:
4. How much?
5. With which colors can I work?
6. And with which colors can I not work?
7. Text:
8. Font:
9. Material*:
10. Extra:
11. Where is my credit?

* With material I mean: pics, photo's or fonts I must work with for you request.

Don't forget to read the rules!


Wanna request something? Read the rules!

If you want to request, you have to know the following thing:

I work mostly with Adobe Photoshop and Imageready. Since 2003 I work with these programs. Credit me, always!


1. Fill in the form fully and correct.
2. If it's not good enough, please tell.. But I will change it 2 times max.
3. I will design as quickly as I can for you. But I don't work harder if you want it quick.
4. Credit me!
5. It's forbidden to change something at my designs. If you do, you will get a beautiful place at the blacklist!
6. Request 1 thing at a time. (max: 1 header, 1 buttonset, 1 bannerset etc.)
7. I cannot design without pics, so please give (HQ) pics!
8. If you want banners/buttons: don't forget to tell me how big you want them in pixels.
9. Be nice!
10. If you don't use my designs at all, you still have to credit me!
11. If you read the rules you will answer this on the question: Accept? Forget it girl!
12. I do not design for professional websites for free! This blog is for designing experience and make designs (like buttons and banners) for fan/hobby websites).
13. I can decline the application.

Don't forget to fill in the form!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

D=OUT Dutch support buttons

A internetcontact of mine told me about a weblog without buttons. So I made some buttons for D=OUT Dutch support, so the manager can use this for affiliates:

100x35 pixels

Designed by Seraphinne, please credit me (link this site!).

Re:MIND fanpage design

This was a task for myself, because I made a fanpage for American 'visual kei' band Re:MIND. I made the design of this page myself, also I made some buttons and support banners!

100x35 pixels

100x50 pixels

Support banners

Designed by Seraphinne

Journalism Rock design

As a professional task for Journalism Rock I had to make a lot of buttons, a header and banners.

Buttons 88x33 pixels

Buttons 100x35 pixels

This is the header:

(click for a bigger picture)

Designed by Seraphinne

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Banners for no1. fansite for GPKISM

As a donation task for the no.1 fansite of GPKISM I made a few banners:

Designed by Seraphinne, please credit me (link this site!).

Your Own Magical Feeling banners

I made the layout for the website Your Own Magical Feeling (still offline), but I can show you a teaser in a form of banners.

Designed by Seraphinne

Banner donation Bring GPKISM to Holland

To support the Myspace support site "Bring GPKISM to Holland" I made some banners for the manager:

Designed by Seraphinne, please credit me (link this site!).

Donation for Visual Asia

I visit this blog for a while and I wanted to do something for them: so I made them buttons that fits with the layout:

Designed by Seraphinne, please credit me (link this site!).

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Waar zijn de wenkbrauwen gebleven?

Adriana Lima, Givenchy

Een nieuwe trend: het wegscheren van je wenkbrauwen... Jouw trend? Mocht het toch niet jouw trend zijn, dan kan je ze nog altijd blonderen. Dit heeft Givenchy ook gedaan bij Adriana Lima.

A new trend: shaving your eyebrows. Your way of life? Or maybe you want to bleach the eyebrows? Just like Givenchy did with Adriana Lima.

Source: NYTimes

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Een jurk bestaande uit 120 ritsen?

Zal dat lekker te dragen zijn, zo'n jurk met 120 ritsen? Ontwerper Sebastian Errazuriz heeft een bijzondere jurk op de markt gebracht: het zwarte kleedje bestaat nagenoeg alleen maar uit ritsen, waardoor de jurk zo veranderlijk is als het weer.

Is this dress good enough to wear, is this dress comfortable enough to wear?

More on dornob!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009